What is The Viking NFT?

Utility and Purpose

Raise finance to fund live theatre – Blodlina

Financing live performance has become increasingly difficult, especially for new works. Theatre is an expensive and high-risk investment and usually relies on a small number of high-net-worth individuals and institutions (often called Theatre Angels).

The Viking NFT will democratise the way live theatre is funded by creating an NFT available and accessible to all – encouraging a new kind of Theatre Angel.

Funds raised by The Viking NFT will be used to finance Blodlina – The Viking Musical.  The success of Blodlina will increase the value and collectability of the NFTs.

The Viking NFT owners will become Patrons of Blodlina.

The Blodlina Sword Series

Expertly rendered, intricately detailed, unique digital artworks

The Blodlina Sword Series is the first series released as part of The Viking NFT collection.

Each artwork will feature an intricately detailed sword design. Swords will be made from a variety of materials like Iron, Steel, Silver and Gold, as well as a number of one-off “special” blades.

You may want to fill your armoury by collecting as many swords as you can; or, just buy one for display or as an investment – it’s up to you!

Maybe you’ll find that you’ve purchased one of the hyper-rare “special” blades!

The Blodlina Sword Series will be dropped  in mid/late June 2022. It will be limited to 200 individual artworks. Each extraordinary artwork will be bespoke and individually crafted making them perfect for collectors and investors alike.

Ownership Benefits?

Innovative real word utility and rewards

Each NFT will hold value as an artisan, highly desirable, collectable artwork.

Importantly, The Viking NFT has unique real world utility.

Holders will receive the real world benefits associated with being a Theatre Angel and will be able to watch as their NFT investment materialises into a full scale theatrical production.

Holders will be part of the exclusive Viking NFT community of theatre Patrons and will gain access to awesome spaces and events (both online and in person).

Click here for the ever expanding list of ownership rewards.

The Viking Zeitgeist

What’s not to love about Vikings!

Blodlina – The Viking Musical together with The Viking NFT captures the current craze for all things Viking. Streaming platforms are filled with Viking shows like Vikings Valhalla, Norsemen and The Last Kingdom  as well as the newly released and highly acclaimed film The Northman.


Own a piece of theatre history

Over the past decade, memorabilia associated with live shows (like Hamilton, Les Miserables, Cats, and Phantom of the Opera) has exploded in popularity and value. The Viking NFT gives you the opportunity to own one of the first items of publicly available Blodlina memorabilia.