Prepare  your MetaMask Wallet

In order to buy one of NFTs from The Viking NFT Blodlina Sword Series you must have a MetaMask wallet loaded with enough Polygon MATIC to make the purchase.

1) Get a Metamask Wallet

Go to the MetaMask website

Check out their support page for more information

2) Configure your Metamask Wallet for Polygon MATIC

The Viking NFT Blodlina Sword Series is created on the Polygon blockchain. This is an eco-friendly blockchain with low Gas fees. (Gas fees are the “service charge” needed to create the NFT in your name.)

The wallet needs to be configured to use Polygon. To do this you need to add a custom network RPC

Please see MetaMask support here

This is the Polygon Network profile that has to be added.

3) Buy Polygon MATIC

You need to buy enough MATIC to cover the cost of the NFT you are purchasing.

Polygon MATIC can be bought directly from within the MetaMask wallet. The are links to various cryptocurrency exchanges.

In order to purchase MATIC from a particular provider they need to verify your identity as all organisations that allow consumers and to buy and sell cryptocurrencies must comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations.

This is for your own protection. However the process can take a little time. It’s therefore worth loading your wallet with MATIC in good time before making your purchase.